Hammers Esports completes its Clash Royale Professional Team

Hide your crowns! Gilgamesh, Kennan and Oxalate join the 6-man pro team.

Author: FullFrontage

Hammers Esports' Clash Royale Pro Team is now complete! Rounding off our roster will be Gilgamesh, Kennan and Oxalate—skilled players that also found excellent team synergy in forming the final team. On a side note, the relationships of each of these players were already established prior to being on one team and each of them have either played against each other or have competed alongside one another in many Clash Royale competitions (Backstab and Gilgamesh have also already met in person, which was a plus!). Signing and finalizing the roster was no easy task as grueling tryouts were held that tested not only gameplay and skill, but personal character traits as well, which we believe prove the complete worthiness of a pro player. We also believe that if a team has a healthy, synergetic relationship, they'll be able to reach higher skill caps, break through those together, and be one of the best teams in any competitive scene.

Expanding on our first three players, (Backstabx, Naruto Uzumaki, and Scholl) Gilgamesh, Kennan, and Oxalate all bring different play styles and vast knowledge of gameplay mechanics—we believe the collective intelligence of the team raises the bar to be one of the greatest teams in all of Clash Royale.

Introducing the Hammers Esports Clash Royale Pro Team

GILGAMESH A well respected tournament player for quite some time. Always was at the top when in-game tournaments were released back in July, Gilgamesh dominated his way into the Top 16 during Clash Royale North American Open (CRNAO), Day 7. It was an obvious choice to consider such a seasoned player for the pro team. What we love about Gilgamesh? "It's not win or lose it's win or learn."

Manager's Notes: I've seen Gilgamesh's name towards the top of nearly every competitive event for CR, he's one of those guys who pushes himself to learn more and more about the game everyday. That kind of drive is exactly what we look for in a player.

OXALATE Oxalate had come from Altar of Elites seeking highly competitive Clash Royale gameplay with an established organization. We had also recognized his name from a few Coronation Days during the CRNAO. Oxalate joined Hammers swiftly and looked to impress with the ability to use a large selection of decks and playing all of them with a great skill—there was no question he had the potential we were looking for.

Manager's Notes: Oxalate floated around the "big names" for a while but after he had joined our competitive clan looking to improve, he went from one of our average players to one of our top players in short order. His work ethic and means of learning was undeniably one of the strongest and most reliable I've seen from any player in Clash Royale.

KENNAN Kennan is an "under the radar" player (miraculously). While having minimal experience in major events due to simply not being able to attend them, he made himself very known during tryouts. Some of his achievements entail pushing up to 5700 trophies with a non- maxed account which is very difficult to do. With the opportunity of becoming a Hammers pro player, he came into tryouts looking to clearly dominate; losing only one (1) game through the entire tryout. Kennan is looking to flex and smash nails with his fellow Hammers.

Manager's Notes: I had only heard Kennan's name floating around a couple times... and while catching him on ladder he absolutely destroyed me on multiple occasions! His gameplay during tryouts absolutely ripped eveyrone a "new one", too. His mechanical understanding of the game is very rare to find in a player, which instantly turned me into his biggest fan.

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