Hollywood Hammers Summer Roster


Author: DeiNomine

Hollywood Hammers!

Hollywood Hammers is proud to introduce it’s 2017 Summer Vainglory roster!  



Extraordinary mechanics allow StartingAllOver to crush the opposition in lane! Bringing both competitive experience and unrivaled potential to our roster. We had a clear objective when pulling this roster together, to build around Starting’s aggression. This is going to give him the edge he needs to prove he can compete with the best, time and time again!


  • POLI5208

Coming to Hammers from Tempo Storm, Poli brings a handful of benefits with him. Poli and StartingAllOver have played together in the past, bringing a bit of team synergy early on to this young roster. Poli also brings a new degree of stability to the team to help keep them focused on the goals and games ahead. Having more time free moving into the summer season, We expect Poli to be a player to watch in the upcoming season as he refines his skills!



We were able to pick up free agent Arkaik to fill in our jungle slot. Arkaik has some competitive experience competing with Team Saints and Team Godssssss. Bringing a very aggressive jungle style to the team, he is stoked to be working along side Poli and StartingAllOver. We’re very excited to welcome Arkaik to the team for our Summer Season Roster!



Hard to really find a good place to start with this Legend. From the earliest form of competitive Vainglory, Hardek has been a well known name in the community. Hardek brings knowledge, innovation, and experience to our roster. Primarily Hardek will be our “Super Sub” as he can compete at the highest level of play in either the lane or jungle. He will also be helping the team work on their synergy.



We’re very excited to pick up PlayboiAfro along side Arkaik, bringing play experience and synergy to the table. Afro will be bringing another flexible sub to our lineup. We consider him a very adaptive player with a “tilt-free” mindset that will help build consistency for our entire team.


We look forward to an exciting summer season and would like to thank our Spring Line Up Ttigers, Chicken123 and MaxGreen for their time with us.  We wish them the very best moving forward!