Hollywood Hammers Signs Pro Rocket League Team Radiance

Formerly 'Set To Destroy X'

Author: R4ge

Meet Your New Favorite Underdog Story

Known as Radiance across the globe, the iconic Rocket League trio of Michael “Memory” Moss, Eric “Halcyon” Rios, and Joshua “Lemonpuppy” Wright shocked the world six months ago, when they sent two of the best teams in North America, Iris (now Cloud9) and Atelier (now Rogue) to the loser’s bracket and secured a spot in the Rocket League Championship Series.

After growing pains throughout the regular season, the thoughts of disbanding weren’t on any players minds. The fire had been sparked, and the team vowed to grow together by pledging to continue working together towards more synergy, knowledge, and improvements as an always growing unit. This hard work along with a new-found team based focus caught many eyes as the team quickly became one of the best teams in North America, seemingly overnight.

Eliminating Rogue and trading games with some of EU’s best teams at Dreamhack Atlanta, Radiance once again shocked the world with a 9th place finish at what most experts in the Rocket League scene consider one of the most stacked world LAN tournaments to date. This young squad, along with continued guidance and coaching of Matt “Loomin” Layman, pressed onward together. A few short months later, this trio achieved their Season 4 goal of acquiring a league play spot in the Rocket League Rival Series.

The Prodigal Sons of Rocket League:

As the youngest player in RLCS history, the prodigy Memory has accrued himself another impressive title under his belt as the North American “Savior of the Season” in season 3 of RLCS. Holding down the back line, Memory is both the brick wall and the final “Hammer” to nail in shots as the cleanup with extraordinary decision making.

If Memory is the Hammer, then Halcyon is the fist swinging it. Able to hit the net from anywhere on the field with surprising force and accuracy, Halcyon brings positive pressure and aggression to any opponent he faces. He is also a natural leader on the pitch by combining his tilt free mentality, consistency in winning challenges, and superb positioning.

The lovable Lemonpuppy shines best when he has control of the ball. The playmaker of the team, Lemonpuppy is patient, unpredictable to his opponents, and creative. Expect him to surprise the enemy team by ramming them out of their goal or faking out entire teams as he travels down the pitch. Opportunity is Lemonpuppy’s middle name, well it would be if it wasn’t actually Connor.

The brains of the operation, Loomin (aka Team Dad) focuses on the tactical aspects of Rocket League and applies them to the current strengths of the team as an active coach and analyst. Off the field, he ensures that the mentality and growth of the team continues to bloom while also keeping his own skills sharp to better understand the best way to play the game.

Coach’s Thoughts on Beginning this Journey

“We are extremely excited to be a part of Hollywood Hammers moving forward,” Loomin stated. “It became clear pretty quickly in early talks that this organization was going to be the correct choice for us. Our team values of support, growth, and constant improvement align perfectly with Hollywood Hammer’s values for what they look for in a team, and it is refreshing to be able to work with an org that puts their players’ best interests first. The starters and myself are honored to be able to work alongside such a positive influence in the ever-growing esports arena.”

Thoughts from Hollywood 

What really attracted us to the guys from Team Radiance; formerly ‘Set to Destroy X’ was their commitment to each other and those apparent bonds the team members had made over the last 6+ months. It’s rare to see the original rosters stick with each other through the highs and the lows that long - it’s truly inspiring. Combined with raw talent and a strong leader, this team will reach that next level of synergy and empathy that is truly rare in esports. We look forward to many seasons to come and it's our honor to have these young men represent the #HAMFAM!

We’d like to officially say goodbye to Darkfire, Espeon, and Satthew as they depart the family. Although this roster was short-lived, we know they impressed everyone individually and as a team in that short period of time! We’d like to wish them the best in Rocket League and beyond!

Vince will continue to work with us and help us grow and will be vital to our operations and promotions going forward! Vince continues to impress in community tournaments and events and you can always catch him streaming at | Stay tuned and watch this team achieve new unimaginable heights with us!

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