Hammers Rocket League Controls Their Own RLCS Destiny

RLRS Week 5

Author: Matt "Loomin" Layman

Season 4 of Professional Rocket League

At long last, we are now at Week 5 of the Rocket League Rival Series. For those unaware, the Rocket League Rival series was put into place this season to increase the stability and longevity of bubble teams fighting for a chance in the Rocket League Championship Series. While the RLCS has the top 8 teams in each region fighting to make their way to the world championship LAN (rumored to be happening in early November), the RLRS gives the 9-16 teams a chance to prove themselves while gaining fans and league play experience themselves. 

How the Format Works

In the Rocket League Rival Series, the top two teams who finish the season in first place and second place get an opportunity to break into the RLCS for Season 5. These two teams will play against the bottom two teams of the RLCS in a double elimination tournament where the final remaining two teams at the end will be rewarded with a spot into the RLCS for Season 5. 

The Fight for the Promotion Tournament

Coming into this final week of league play, the Hollywood Hammers Rocket League team finds themselves in an interesting situation having to face off against the undisputed leader of the RLRS, Fibeon Esports (6-0). With a 5-1 record, the Hammers are currently tied for 2nd place along with rival team, Out of Style. A Hammers win against Fibeon, along with a win by Out of Style, creates an interesting 6-1 tiebreaker scenario for these leading three teams. 

According to a playoff calculator from an extremely dedicated Rocket League fan and statistician, @nathan_allen_nz the Hollywood Hammers can control their destiny and finish the season in first place with a clean 3-0 sweep over Fibeon. A 3-2 or 3-1 win also greatly improves the chances of getting 2nd and reaching the promotional tournament, as a win will make it that much harder for Out of Style to beat the Hammers in a tiebreaking scenario. 

However, all is not lost if the Hammers do lose the series against Fibeon. Taking games off Fibeon increases the Hammers chances by each individual game win. This coupled with a poor performance or close series from Out of Style could still see Hammers locking in a 2nd place league finish even with a loss to Fibeon. 

The Big Game

Even with a lot on the line and facing a difficult opponent, the Hammers haven’t lost their confidence. “I want to win. It’s as simple as that,” says Joshua “Lemonpuppy” Wright. “We always play clutch when we need to. This time shouldn’t be different.” Eric “Halcyon” Rios agrees with Lemonpuppy stating,  “It won’t be easy, but we have prepared for this matchup since before the open qualifier. We are ready.”

With the future of the RLCS looming appetizingly on the horizon, the Hammers Rocket League team knows that now is the time to strike. Fibeon has been the team’s scrimmage partner throughout the entire season. These two teams know each other better than any other team currently in the RLRS. Lately, scrims have been a coin toss and are won by both teams equally. This intimate dance of two of the best RLRS teams will likely be a match talked about for the weeks and months to come. Be sure to tune in this Friday evening here at 8 PM PDT to cheer on the young Hollywood Hammers squad! #HAMFAM