Q&A With Hollywood Hammer, Vince

Rocket League Speedrunning; Wait, What?

Author: Matt "Loomin" Layman

As the professional Rocket League team is officially in their off season and working on their own skills, today we shift focus to take a look at Vince and what he has been doing to sharpen his skills on the pitch. For those unaware, Vince (nicknamed "The Magician") is a highly skilled Rocket League content creator for Hollywood Hammers. Currently, Vince holds the 2nd best world record in the famous "Dribbling Challenge 2" modded map.

The Steam Workshop has been a year-long feature for Rocket League; modders are constantly working to create fun and interesting challenges and scenarios for players to enjoy. Naturally, the most competitive players are drawn to these challenges, and compete by attempting to complete these maps in the shortest time possible. Thanks to this modding community, speedrunning is now officially part of Rocket League. This particular map is currently the most popular in the Rocket League community, as it boasts an impressive challenge for those trying to develop their own ground game and introduces never before seen obstacles that really help define those necessary ball control skills.

Vince the Magician

A few weeks ago, Vince held the world record for a little over a week with an insane run that will make you feel like garbage in Rocket League. Vince finished the hardest workshop map to date with an impressive finish of 7 minutes and 21 seconds. This run by Vince is mind-blowingly impressive, and in case you missed it, you can watch the entire run below.

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Vince and talk about this accomplishment.

Loomin: Why did you decide to go for the World Record?

Vince: Interestingly enough, my mind wasn’t even focused on the world record. I am just really fascinated with the map itself and everyone was playing it and talking about it. I jumped on the bandwagon later than most people, and never had a world record on my mind. However, I was focusing on improving my personal best times and constantly doing better run after run.

What was going through your mind on the last few levels, and did you think you were close to a world record?

When I started streaming that night, my own personal best was around 11 and a half minutes so my goal for the evening was to get a new personal best of under 10 minutes. On the particular run when I made the world record, I only thought I was on a good pace to beat my personal best. Near the end I was definitely scared that I was about to screw up and ruin my personal best. I was so surprised when I finished and found out I had broken the world record and shaved almost 4 minutes off my previous personal best.

Do you have plans on attempting other workshop maps for world record speedruns?

Currently I do not, as I do not really enjoy any of the other workshop maps as much as I do this one. However, if another one comes out that proves to be challenging, helpful, and as entertaining as this one then I will likely practice it a lot as well.

You are currently #2 in the world on your speedrun by only 6 seconds. Any plans on taking back that number 1 spot?

I think that if I can continue to make flawless runs on each course then I can get under 7 minutes easily. However I'm not actively trying to take it back at this time. I am mainly focusing on simply improving my mechanical skill this offseason, and this map was just an outlet to do so.

Could you give our readers any tips for those attempting to complete it or speedrun this particular course?

The single best piece of advice I can give to someone just trying to finish it is to take your time. This is also important for those who can complete it but are trying to beat it faster and faster. A lot of people want to try and save half a second here or there and try to go very fast, but that usually results in mistakes and resets which ends up costing them 5-10 seconds.

How many hours have you sunk into getting the WR?

Honestly, I have played this map for probably around 10-15 hours at this point. My success with the world record actually came within the first two or three hours of grinding the map.

Do you think it has it helped your actual in game skills?

This dribble map is a case of something that is good in moderation. I like to compare it to the in-game training packs, whereas if you play it too much you try to memorize it rather than act naturally which can hurt your skills and improvements. Rocket League is such a fluid and reactionary game that it’s important for me to mix up how I train. I will say that my 10-15 hours of grinding this map has definitely helped a little with ball control, but I’ve found it hasn't helped much else when it comes to all of the little variables that make one a great player.

Try it yourself!

If this article has peaked your interest into the wonderful world of Rocket League modded maps, or you want to give these challenges a shot yourself, you can find them here on the Steam Workshop. You can also compare your times with Rocket League legends on the official speedrunning leaderboard as well! Finally, be sure to catch Vince streaming high quality Rocket League content here on Twitch.