End of the line, 2017

VG8 Split 2 Week 3

Author: DeiNomine

Heading into week 3, there was an opportunity for us to still acquire enough points to make it to Vainglory Worlds, however we unfortunately dropped our 3 game series to Rogue who are sitting in the number 1 spot atop the leaderboards for North America. We had a good run for 2017, and are excited to see what 2018 brings us!

Hammers vs Rogue [Qualifier]

In the most important week of the split, we faced off against Rogue, who stood between us and making it to the top. As we got into Game 1, the draft came through with clear advantages to both sides. Rogue picked up their signature SAW, Alpha, and Lyra composition, but Hammers were ready to face off into just that with Celeste, Krul, and Ardan. Rogue started out the game strong with two early kills and first turret at seven minutes. However, this is where the scale started to tip, as Celeste was able to complete a few core items (Eve of Harvest, Dragon’s Eye), as well as hitting the level 8 overdrive on Heliogenesis (A) for some extra range. Hammers made sure to push this advantage with a turret of their own and evened up the kills 3 to 3. StartingAllOver was able to keep up pressure at every step and close the game out at 18 minutes with an 11-4 lead over Rogue.

In Game 2, Rogue stuck to their comfort SAW pick and locked in SAW, Petal, Lance and also ban away Celeste. The Hammers draft ended up a little less comfortable in that situation, with Blackfeather, Krul, and Ardan. Early in the game, SAW proved difficult to deal with as Rogue destroyed 2 turrets and secured 3 kills, in just 6 minutes. The kills stayed pretty even throughout a majority of the mid game, but Rogue were easily able to keep objective control. With no way for Hammers to contest, Rogue recruited themselves a Kraken shortly after the 15 minute mark, and ended the game at 17 minutes with an ACE.

As Rogue pushed this to a Game 3, they remained adamant with their comfort pick in the SAW. Rogue drafted SAW, Alpha, and Lance, and again banned away Celeste from StartingAllOver. This left Hammers with another uncomfortable draft of Blackfeather, Koshka, and Ardan. Similar to Game 2, Rogue took the lead early with 2 kills and the first turret at 6 minutes. Hammers did a great job defending the lane aggression for as long as they could, but Rogue were able to find kills here and there, extending their lead 7 to 2. Hammers were able to find a few open windows where kills were traded, but were never able to find a true opportunity to win an entire fight. Reminiscent of the previous game, Rogue took down the Kraken right after the 15-minute mark, they took one last fight for an ACE, bringing an end to the series.