Rocket League Roster Update

The Magician Returns

Author: Matt "Loomin" Layman

The Rocket League Championship Series comes to a close for season 4, ending in an action-packed world championship in Washington DC last week. With this season now closed to the annals of Rocket League history, the majority of teams are now taking the holiday season to reform, regroup, and make adjustments as needed. The Hollywood Hammers Rocket League team are no exception.

Hollywood Hammers is extremely excited to announce the formal starting roster for the upcoming season. Memory, Halcyon, and Vince will be representing the organization as the starters on the professional Rocket League team. As a part of this new starting roster, Lemonpuppy will be moving to a substitute role which allows him to simultaneously focus more on school work and wrestling. Loomin will also be sliding away from his role as a substitute, and instead be solely focused on team management and coaching.


“With Vince, the team has seen huge gains in improvement and ability to win essentially overnight,” coach Loomin remarked. “The guys performed very well against some of the best teams in the world during our tryout period with Vince, and have also had several impressive tournament results lately with this new starting roster. I honestly expect nothing less than dominance in the RLRS for Season 5.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for this newly empowered roster in upcoming weekly and monthly tournaments for the rest of this offseason. You can also learn a bit more about each player here on our Hollywood Hammers website!