Hammers on the Horizon

Enter the Baron

Author: baronvonbushy

As we embark on a new era in Clash Royale, we wave goodbye to a great manager and coach, FullFrontage. FullFrontage recently stepped down from being the manager of the Clash Royale Hollywood Hammers team. With college in his sights and future endeavors as a Caster, he decided that managing the team wasn't in the best interest of the team. FullFrontage had been the Manager for as long as anyone could remember and remains a part of the team and Hammers family, now as a player and caster. He coached two North American champions in his tenure along with multiple league teams with high finishes in CRL, RPL, and ClashWars. He was liked by all, hated by none and was an all-around hard worker, nice guy, and would stop at nothing to help his players out. Thank you FullFrontage for all that you did and all that you will continue to do.

FullFrontage chose a member of Hammers to be his successor, Baron Bushygap. Baron came from a competitive background with the formerly known Adult Esports, where he played competitively for them. Baron was the manager and coach for the first World Championship United States Virgin Islands team, which included many renowned players such as Backstabx, Coltonw83, MarcelP, and many more. He was also the manager and coach for team USA in Clash Royale Worlds Season 1, where team USA fell short and finished fourth. He came to Hammers with the hopes of helping the team beside FullFrontage and Backstabx. The entire Hammers family welcomed him with open arms, and after about six months it is now Baron Bushygap's turn to manage the Hammers Clash Royale team to victory.

This new pro team is a young one but comes with many victories in the Clash Arena, from Swood who recently finished top 40 at Kings Cup 2 to Isaac King who has been a competitive player for Hammers for over a year and is now getting his shot at the pro team environment. We all collectively feel that this team will bring Hammers back to the forefront within the Clash Royale community. This is not only our hope but our destiny. This is the most contracted professionals that Hammers has ever had within the Clash Royale game, and we expect big things from everyone. Tobispirithawk brings the pro team into the world’s eyes, from his top finishes on the Clash ladder every season to his top finishes at ESWC. He is one of the most highly regarded and highly respected players within the game itself. These are just three pros that were named, and Hammers is already proud of them, but wait until they really get going. This may be the beginning of a new generation of Hammers. CLASH ON!

Happy clashing,

Baron Bushygap