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armajet feb. 02, 2019


On the latest Armajet Dev Stream, Super Bit Machine spoiled its community with a sneak peek into the new 1.4 Update. It has since then been an interesting week with discussion and speculation about potential trailblazing changes to the current meta and how it should affect the competitive stage. Now that the update has dropped, it seems like a discussion was much needed. We asked HAMMERS6 to breakdown the update to the community and settle the ever so interesting meta debate.

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armajet jan. 26, 2019

HAMMERSJET IS Looking for creators

Pilots, the new word in the skies is that HAMMERSJET (the Armajet division of Hammers Esports) is opening its hangar doors to its 2019 HAMMERSJET Creators Program! We are looking for vastly driven Creators to propel their Armajet content to the next level. With the prospect of Armajet’s global launch seemingly around the corner, combined with a mass influx of players for even more insane jetpack deathmatch action, opportunities to grow as a content creator is limitless! HAMMERSJET is going big on content creation this year and you could be here to reap the rewards!

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armajet jan. 22, 2019

HAMMERSJET Tournament Retrospective

Looking back at the results of the latest community tournament, we talk to BigKingL (Captain of #HAMMERS6) for a retrospective on tournament results, what he’s looking forward to with Armajet’s community growth, and a sneak peek into Update 1.4 which was dropped on the latest official dev stream.

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